Tuesday, April 24, 2007


I just realized that by Thursday I will have arrived at church by 8:00am or earlier for 11 straight days. That's not good. Then I will have Friday off and work all day on both Saturday and Sunday. Then Monday morning I leave for Hume Lake for the Youthworkers Retreat up there. I will definitely need the break. I am not basking in my busyness. That is not admirable. I am not liking being this busy.

It also didn't help that I went to the world's longest Angels game last night where the Angels pitchers got lit up for 9 runs losing 9-5. It was a good time with Peter Pizzuto, Matt Davis, and Jason Krusiewicz. I had Jered Weaver on my Fantasy Team and he was blasted for 5 earned runs in less than two innings. Not what you hope for. As Peter and I were walking in he was bragging that his Fantasy Team had Curtis Granderson (lead-off hitter for Detroit) and he predicted that Granderson would hit a lead-off home-run off Weaver. Well, guess what? That's exactly what he did. Peter should play the Lotto.

I'm tired from all this because I went to bed at almost midnight and the alarm went off at 5:30am and I have to be able to think clearly enough to finish writing my sermon for Sunday today after being in morning meetings until 12noon. I preach in both services this Sunday. Should be fun!

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Peter Pizzuto said...

Just read your post. Thanks for the props!! I'll try not to dominate you again.