Monday, April 16, 2007

Giving Change

We changed how offering is done in our Elevation service. We have always had buckets available for giving at our 8 stations during the second set of worship songs, but we also had to pass the offering bags because leadership just wasn't ready to not have a bag passed. We were finally able to help them understand (they were very reasonable and had understandable reasons for wanting to pass the bags, we are a 75 year old church so these things take time). Then we had a high schooler want to help the church with his Eagle Scout project and so we had him design, build, and install cool giving boxes to put next to the exit doors. We have two boxes for every exit door. we also just started online giving through our website. Give now if you would like:)! So now giving only takes place at the stations or when people leave. We do not pass a plate, bag, basket, or bucket!! I'm stoked. I think this will really help with visitors and cheerful giving.

Any other ideas?

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Brooke said...

Love that Eric! I heard p.d. say something about the boxes on the walls sunday but didn't realize they were a scout project! totally cool - we love scouts! love the giving on-line, too. that rocks. we've officially entered into 07...