Friday, April 13, 2007

Canada is raining and Food Update

It was beautiful until we woke up this morning and now it has been pouring rain and super windy all day. We are a bit couped up today, but it's nice to get the fire going on the pot belly stove heater and read a book. We went down to a restaurant called Salmon Point just down the street today and had Fish 'n' Chips made with locally caught halibut. We watched the storm crash against the shore from inside the restaurant.

Food update:
1. Eggs Benedict at the Empress with deliciously different Canadian Back Bacon.
2. High Tea at the Empress twice - tasty. Tiny sandwiches - Curry Chicken Salad, Cucumber, Carrot and Cream Cheese, and smoked salmon. Egg salad crostinis. Amazing scones and desserts.
3. Fish n Chips at a pub in Victoria called the Sticky Wicket
4. Triple Grill at the Blue Crab in Victoria - this was King Crab legs, New York Strip Steak, and a Halibut fillet all on one plate with potatoes and mixed veggies.
5. Shepherd's Pie made by my Uncle Brian who is from England. Best I have EVER had.
6. Bacon Cheeseburger at the White Spot restaurant. A Canada exclusive.
7. Two breakfasts by my "cousin" Judy - strawberry pancakes and scrambled eggs with toast.

Tonight - ROAST BEEF AND YORKSHIRE PUDDING with all the trimmings. I can't wait.

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tam said...

sound's good, it's gonna be hard to beat the Cabrillo park hot dogs though.... missed ya, you would have loved it.