Monday, April 02, 2007

Sports Thoughts

1. Today is Opening Day for the Angels and all of Major League Baseball. The Mets and Cardinals opened yesterday with the Mets showing how they will be a strong team this year.

2. My Fantasy Baseball team has a bunch of injuries already. Jered Weaver, Chone Figgins, Mike Cameron, and Eric Gagne are down. I need Eric Gagne to be able to close this year.

3. I'm grieving the Bruins loss on Saturday. It was so frustrating to watch Florida drain about 8 three pointers in a row while the Bruins couldn't make a shot. When your All-American (Afflalo) has the worst first half of his career you aren't going to win a Final Four game. Two Final Fours in a row is pretty good and the Bruins are expected to be able to come back again next year even if Afflalo goes pro.

4. Kobe had 13 assists last night. That guy could be Steve Nash if he wanted to. He is just better than that. Kobe dominates Steve Nash.

5. I could normally care less about swimming, but Michael Phelps is Jordan/Tiger/Federer all rolled into one.

6. Nascar is just dumb.


Jason said...

I love the shout out to Michael Phelps. He truly is great. For his length of race, the amount of time he is shedding is remarkable. You are correct in the company you gave him as well.

tam said...

Regarding #6 Nascar rocks.