Thursday, April 05, 2007

Last Night

Jr. High was awesome last night. Melissa did a great job speaking. I loved the energy of the kids. They were pumped up for the night and for worship. Someone asked me if I thought that they were just excited to be excited. The person wasn't in the group that night, but was just wondering if the Jr Highers were really getting it. Here's what I think:
1. During the first two songs they were definitely more excited than worshipful. These songs are really rocking out.
2. The energy that is developed in those songs is also passion and I believe it did transfer to passionate worship during the third song - Here is Our King.
3. Then the second set was more reflective and some were into the first two songs, but a lot were just sitting there.
4. We had them stand for the last two songs and I think that helped them focus and get more into it.

I believe in energetic worship songs for Jr High. I don't think that the only form of true worship is mellow and reflective. I believe that there is a place in real worship for songs like "Take it All" even if it rocks out. God isn't boring. I recognize that worship isn't about a rock concert either. So it's a careful balance.

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