Sunday, April 15, 2007

Vacation gives me blog blues

I don't understand why, but every time I go on vacation I don't feel like blogging when I get home. We have been pretty tired from the travel and I was at church from 7:30am-3:00pm today.
I will do some BRIEFS:
1.We had a good Kenya meeting today. I'm getting more excited about the trip.
2. Brent preached it today at church.
3. I'm speaking the next three Sundays in Elevation.
4. Tomorrow is Gracie's birthday. I can't believe she is four.
5. We got upgraded to first class again on the way home from Seattle. I like it there.
6. The Anaheim Ducks are awesome. It was fun watching hockey in Canada with people who actually care.
7. My Fantasy Baseball team has 5 players on the Disabled List. This is not what you want.
8. The church consultant comes this weekend. Should be interesting.
9. I still want a tattoo.
10. TV shows I love - Scrubs, 24, Heroes, Lost, CSI, The Soup, Man vs. Wild, Studio 60, How I Met Your Mother, 30 Rock, Law & Order SVU, and two horrible ones that I actually like - American Idol and America's Next Top Model. I don't watch The Office yet. I will probably do the DVD thing with it. The first episode annoyed me almost as much as Rosie O'Donnel or Victor so I never watched it. But I need to give it another chance.


Victor Estrada said...

I know what you mean about The Office. It's almost as annoying as Bono

Brooke said...

ok, so tom (you know tom... 'quaking jello' at camp, big tall goofy guy, tom stewart from calvary) will watch America's Next Top Model with me, but purely "because he wants to be with me at the end of the day & I happen to be watching it" (yeah, right...) ;o) but we do like Idol (an odd thing for a christian to even say, isn't it? - American Idol... eek) anyway, it was fun reading about your trip. by the way, brent rocked 1st service too- was his voice completely gone by 2nd service?? he reminded me of that Brady Bunch episode with Peter's voice changing...

tam said...

Welcome home cool hair guy, our cool factor went down by 12% in Elevation meetings w/ out you. Hey - that little girl of yours is a pure beauty! Enjoy 4......14 is coming! BTW Office is the greatest show going right now next to 24. I have known these people personally, Randy bout coughs up a lung...

Bec said...

You need to watch the Office, you will love it. It took me about 4 episodes to get into it becuase you have to get to know the characters. Start with Season 2, it is better than the first.