Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Debrief

1. Dinner at Bea's parents on Saturday night. Yes, we did eat the Roast Lamb (of God) and yes I did make too many awkward jokes about it. And if you're wondering, it did resurrect this morning. I'm still not into lamb. I like tenderloin of lamb, just not leg or chop.

2. First Ever (at least for several years) Student Ministry Easter Service at Calvary Church. It was awesome!! The band rocked out some great songs like Salvation is Here, Mighty to Save, Christ the Lord is Risen Today, and Nothing But the Blood. Matt Doan and Melissa Brosch (doesn't have a blog but should) talked about the scapegoat and brought in a live goat. It's always fun to have live animals in church. I talked about the Empty Tomb and my experiences in Israel. I read 1 Corinthians 15 from The Message and it has a cool verse (12) that says, "And I'm not going to let that grace go to waste." I like that phrase. I'm actually pretty unclear of what that translates directly from, but I still like it. It definitely preached. There were a ton of kids because we combined JH, HS, and College. It's fun to have that kind of energy in the room.

3. Elevation Easter Service. We had great worship with many similar songs. Salvation is Here, Mighty to Save, Christ the Lord is Risen Today, Marvelous Light. They did The Easter Song (Hear the Bells Ringing) as a pre-service song, but unfortunately is was not in the 80s Glam Metal style that I suggested. I'm sure Victor will post more on the music. Then we had these cool Digital Short Films that we made and Pastor Dave aka P-Diddy preached out of them. Chad Ashton did a ton of the work on the videos and he is a stud. They looked cool. The audio voiceover was overly theatrical and that kind of bummed me out, but they were visually awesome. The service ended with everybody pretty pumped up on worship and all that. A good morning overall.

4. Now we are packing and getting ready to leave in the morning. The blogging might be a bit sporadic over the next week.

He is Risen...He is Risen INDEED!!

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Michelle said...

Seriously... WAY too many awkward jokes about the lamb. If you're going to pick on the lamb, then you might as well throw in the red wine. Any symbolism there that you would like to point out??? Well??? Yeah... I didn't think so! ;)