Sunday, April 08, 2007

Shout out from Marko and Calvary Church got a shout-out from Marko over on his blog. Check it out here. Does anyone know who the HS Pastor is that he is talking about? That's a funny story.


Victor Estrada said...

Dang, you hit the big time. I got a shout out on a podcast once.

I forgot to tell you to have a good trip this morning. DOnt forget to bring us all something nice back.

marko said...

ask geri templeton. she'll know who it was!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure it was _________ (ask me personally and I'll tell you). He wasn't in youth ministry - it was children's ministries. I believe he was a volunteer when this incident happened. He eventually was hired (believe it or not)for men's ministries and at one time did prison ministry here at Calvary. I remember he did this with Santa Claus too. My husband (a Santa proponant)was NOT happy when our son came home with "guess what happened in Sunday School today" and related this story.

P.S. He no longer attends Calvary and hasn't for years but his college aged daughter was recently, briefly on JH staff.