Saturday, April 07, 2007

Vancouver Island on Monday

We leave on Monday for another vacation. I'm so stoked. It's been so good to have some time away. We are flying to Victoria on Vancouver Island up in the Great White North of Canada. This is the hotel we are staying at. The Empress Hotel.
We hope to see some of these on Wednesday.
Orca Whales
Then we are staying with some family up on the north end of the island which looks more like this.
Grace is coming with us on this trip and so are my mom and dad. It should be relaxing, beautiful, and fun!!


Anonymous said...

I saw your dad at Trader Joe's yesterday - he looks great - I've missed him.
Have a great trip.
PS - how is Bea feeling? Say hi for me.

Eric Wakeling said...

she's feeling good other than being tired all the time.