Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Thoughts on American Idol

After watching American Idol, I am really thinking that this might be the week that Sanjaya goes home. He is really bad. I'm not too into Lakisha either - although she might be this year's Mandisa. Phil impressed me with his country skills. It would bum me out to see Sanjaya stay and someone that is actually good go home. This is the first week that I think the Sanjaya factor could really ruin somebody.

The Sanjaya Hunger Strike girl is weak though. She quit after 17 days for "medical reasons." What kind of commitment is that?

It's surprising that this show is still so interesting to me. It's so lame at one level and so difficult to turn off at another. I didn't watch last season and of course that's the year where we have a finalist sing at our church. This season I got hooked again and I think there are some life lessons in here somewhere that will redeem the time. Maybe Sanjaya is the effect of sin in the world or something - I'm not sure.


Anonymous said...

Try thinking of yourself turning on the news in 15 years and seeing UC Irvine, where Grace is a sophomore studying biology, come up on the CNN NewsNow. Then imagine the horror as Grace is unreachable on her cell phone. Then imagine that she is identified as one of those who was killed by a mentally-disturbed English major. Imagine the way you would feel as 19 years of love came to an end. Imagine how you would feel as you remembered having dinner with her at home three nights prior, not knowing that was the last time you would see her. Then imagine how you would begin feeling nauseous as you imagine her cowering in fear as the killer entered the room. These kind of "put yourself in their shoes" scenarios always helps me identify with the people who are hurting...Hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

oops...I meant to post that to the post about the VT shootings. My bad.