Thursday, April 05, 2007

Obama Article

I thought this was a funny article on Barack Obama called "Free Obama's White Grandmother." It appears that Obama wants to keep his street cred up by not showing that he is half Caucasian. I think his multi-ethnicity actually helps him in the true race that he is running - the race for Anti-Christ! He has Muslim, Christian, and I think Buddhist roots. He is white, black, and even lived in Indonesia for a while. He is perfect. Bono has nothing on Barack. Obama is the Anti-Christ for sure.

Do you disagree? Who would you say is more likely?


Randy said...

now that Mr. Rogers has passed, I guess its possible, but I'm keeping my money on Chuck Norris.

Eric Wakeling said...

I completely forgot about Chuck Norris. Although this guy Sanjaya from American Idol probably has Chuck beat.

Randy said...

its funny, our home has pretty much been AI junkies from the first season, sadly I was voting for kelly before my kids knew the show, except Ben... he has never showed the least bit of interest, at all... until now. He's voting for sanjaya every week. I think its his way of tweeking the universe and he thinks he's helping kill that girl that said she wouldn't eat until sanjaya is off the show. something to remember, death and horror, its what interests teenage boys.

Eric Wakeling said...

I wish my Obama posts would get more comments.

Anonymous said...

Obama? The Anti-Christ? Because...? He's "Black, White and EVEN LIVED IN Indonesia?" or "Christian, Muslim and Buddhist roots?"
For this you call him the Anti-Christ?
Your joking right?