Monday, April 23, 2007

Church Consultant Preliminary Meeting

So the church consultant met with us last night and pointed out three areas of description.
1. Strong areas
2. Strong, but needs help
3. Concerns

I probably shouldn't type everything he said here on the World Wide Web. But I will say a few.

He said Missions, Children's, Jr. High, Worship Services, supportive members, and our history were our main strong areas. He was very supportive of the Celebration/Elevation services and even said Elevation was "as good as any he has ever seen" in his visits to younger-style worship services. It was weird to hear him commenting on my sermon in front of everyone. I got nervous in my seat when I realized he was going to make specific comments like that!! Yikes!! But it was all good.

He said that High School was strong but needs help and said the main problem is that they don't have a room of their own. AMEN!! There were others in this area too.

For concerns he pointed out some of our obvious holes like assimilation of visitors, greeting newcomers, directional signs, and a bunch of other stuff we won't discuss yet.

In three months they bring a more full report after more meetings with Elders, Sr. Leadership, a couple other staff members, congregation questionnaires, and a demographic study of the area.

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Brooke said...

Thanks for posting a cursory overview about this - as one outside the church leadership, it's nice to hear that these things were being recognized and discussed. As always, an entertaining blog post! lol