Sunday, April 08, 2007


I'm very seriously thinking about putting something like this on my right shoulder.



Jason said...

I'm a fan of tattoos with very personal meaning. This tattoo has obvious Christian meaning, but is it yours alone? It looks like its someone elses.
I knew a guy that traveled to Jerusalem with his dad and grand dad. They are Armenian. After the pilgrimage they each got the Armenian cross tattooed on their forearms. The Armenians have done it for centuries. Also, I know of a guy who got a tattoo commemorating his wife after being married 50 years.
If you're going to mark your body forever, do something that has deep, deep personal meaning for you.
My 2 cents...

ashdown said...

do it!
i wonder if the armenian jason is talking about is steve? ha!

Anonymous said...

Don't do it Eric! Think how it will look when your 85. Not a pretty sight...all faded and flabby.

Ryan Walton said...

Love the design. Sam and I are getting some "work" done today. I'll send you a pic of the results. i agree with Ashdown...rock it like it's hot.

Michelle said...

I like it, but it's not original. Do something different...

Anonymous said...

I think you should have Bea design one for you and your wonderful Dad. I hear she did your Dad's first one.What a girl.
Anonymous like

David said...

well, i am against tattoos for a few reasons. 1. Our body belongs to God and is on loan. Imagine if i borrowed your car and gave it back to you after i wrote graffiti all over it. you would probably not let me borrow it again. Imagine if the resurection came and God told you that He will not give you another body after what you did to the last one (j/k on that last part)
2. we are to be lights of the world as christians. many jobs won't hire you if you have visible tats, and many older folks and some younger look down upon people with tats. They would call them hoodlums. Should we be hoodlums for christ or a light for christ??
3. It is very permanant and someday you may wish you never got it. My grandfather was one of those people.
4. what is the reason you are getting it. i have heard some people say that their "christian" tat helps them preach the gospel by opening up a door to chat. first of all, thats rediculous. i don't go up to people with who have tats and ask them stuff and i'm sure noone else does. "hey, you have a cross on your arm, tell me about jesus." I'M SURE!! Although i have seen a friend of a friend get FTW on his arm and asked him why he got such a stupid thing branded on his skin about he he hates the world. if you don't know FTW it means F...the world. pretty dumb, i know. also, i tell them, i don't need a tattoo or a cross or a bible in my hand to talk to someone about Jesus. None of the Appostles had those things in hand. Does it say in the bible, "and the appostle paul increased his preaching ability by getting a picture of Jesus on his forehead." NO!!. haha

5. I think you can use your money more wisely. Such as giving it to me. I am willing to bet way way more money that if someone saw you with a black eye, you would have more people ask you how it happened then with a tat. You could say, "well, i was thinking about getting a tattoo but instead i gave david the 400 dollars to punch me in the face." then after that, you can talk about jesus. lol.

6. It hurts, why would we want to cause unnecesarry pain to our bodies.

7. If we present it as ok, then our children or students etc. will think its ok or "cool" and may go to extremes to get one. Do you want your daughter putting one at her panty line and showing it off?? many girls do that. Which is very inappropriate.

8. it used to be a pagan ritual as described in leviticas. Kind of still is. Many tribes and cults tattoo themselves. we should refrain from such things.

well, i'm sure if you got one it looks kewl and u probably got it for a personal reason. but if not, evaluate why you are getting one. If it is for a good reason then go for it. if not, then don't do it.