Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday

I'm giving a three-minute talk on one of the Seven Last Words of Christ tonight for our Good Friday service. We are having a bunch of contemplative worship, 7 mini-sermons by different pastors on these last words that we are calling Famous Last Words. We will have the first four pastors sitting on stools on stage and do those four in about 12 minutes and then sing some more songs and then have the next three pastors sit on stools and give the final three. Then we will have communion elements all over the stage steps and people can come up in groups and serve each other communion.

I'm speaking on what we have as the second to last statement of Christ. "Father, into your hands I commit my spirit" - Luke 23:46. This was actually a traditional bed-time prayer for Jewish children and comes originally from Psalm 31:5. The powerful act that Christ completes with such child-like humility is astonishing. Also, that He is quoting Scripture with His very last words is a remarkable example. He was depositing His spirit to the Father for safekeeping, but He had the power and authority to take it again at any time - John 10:17-18.

I'm looking forward to sharing that in 180 seconds and then spending a lot more time than that remembering and reflecting on the sacrificial death of our Lord.

Any other plans from people from other churches?

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Michelle said...

I do love a short, to-the-point sermon ;)