Thursday, April 12, 2007

Canada is beautiful

We are enjoying our time on Vancouver Island. We stayed two nights at the Empress and the place was quite fancy. A bit stuffy and serious, but nice. It's old so the bathroom was about 2x2 feet. The Afternoon Tea was actually fun and tasty. We went to a Bug Zoo which Grace loved and Bea hated. We went on a Wildlife Boat ride that was cool. No orcas unfortunately, but we saw porpoises, bald eagles, sea lions, harbor seals, and even a big-horned sheep. We are up in Campbell River area now and the views are gorgeous. The weather is brisk with no rain. See you all back in Cali on Sunday!


Victor Estrada said...

What? No pictures? Thanks alot man! You're not allowed back until we see some pictures of "Beautiful Canada"

Melissa Brosch said...

Ok, so I tried to set up a blog and 5 minutes into it, I am confused. It wouldn't let me name it. I feel dumb. Is this a sign that I shouldn't have a blog?

Michelle said...

Ah, Sunday... what a great day!

Eric Wakeling said...

Vic - pics will come later. I'm on a desktop belonging to my aunt.
Melbro - do not give up. Call Victor immediately or talk to me on Monday and we will help you.
Michelle - what a shameless plug for your own birthday.