Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Things I'm Thinking About...

- Who will my church pick for a consultant?
- Am I really supposed to accept my sin and that will help?
- How many people in Los Angeles will die from the nuclear bomb that exploded on 24 and will Jack Bauer and the rest of CTU get radiation diseases?
- What will I post about on Sanctity of Life Day this Sunday?
- When am I going to get time to prepare my teaching for Elevation on Jan. 28?
- Why did the Chargers lose and why did they do so many stupid things in that game?
- Will my parents be able to watch Grace when we go to Hawaii because I already paid for the tickets and hotel?
- How many kids are going to turn in applications for Africa because 36 have taken applications and I'm worried we will have too many?
- A big decision I have to make at church that everyone has an opinion about how it should be handled.
- Do I have issues with submission and authority?
- Will the baby be a boy or a girl?
- Will we get our money back for the adoption?
- Why is living simply so hard?
- Lots of other church issues I can't write in a public blog.
- Is Barack Obama the Anti-Christ?
- Why did Erin want me to say that her family is the best family ever?
- Why do I keep forgetting to ask her about her marathon?
- Is March 3rd (the day we leave for Maui) ever going to be here?
- Will I ever speak at a camp again?
- Am I going to drop my PhD program?
- Will Peyton Manning be able to finally beat the Patriots?
- When will the next U2 album come out?
- Where do babies come from?


Mike DeVries said...

I can help you with the Charger question.

I think Marty's cursed. Or perhaps the stadium is built on some ancient Indian burial site...


Victor Estrada said...

I have the simple answer to all those things....Yes... and if that doesn't work then, Jesus!!!

Michelle said...

I can answer your question about the sex of the baby. G-I-R-L!!! No doubt about it. I have proof... I've had TWO dreams about her! =)