Sunday, January 14, 2007

Would You Let Your Kid Play With This??


I can't stand these Bratz dolls. It's wrong on so many levels.
1. Spiritual level - It promotes young girls dressing sexually - really young - and promotes bad attitudes toward parents.
2. Values level - It promotes consumerism and valuing all the wrong things.
3. Strong feminine roles level - it makes women be all about sex and their bodies and their looks at the age of 7. That's just sad. At least Barbie had career based outfits and even promoted motherhood.
4. The makes me feel icky level.

This is one of those things that I would boycott if I was a boycotter (which I'm not) and I sort of want to cover them up at the toy store so my kid and other kids won't see. It's seriously just sad that little girls are being influenced by this stuff. I thought they were a joke or a satire when I first saw them, but no, they are real.


Kimberly said...

There is no way I would let our kids play w/ that doll.. It's so so sad that our society is targeting girls younger and younger to be all the things u mentioned in this post.. and then people wonder why most women have such image problems.. Hello?? Ok. I'll stop there.. It for sure makes me want to pray more for our children and the many influences that will try and steal truth from them.

-Mrs. Toasty-

Anonymous said...

Praise, Praise, Praise! I completely, totally, absolutely agree! I am very happy to hear a parent of a young girl stand up and say what is so OBVIOUSLY disgusting merchandising.