Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Live Simply

I'm feeling bad about my covetous post about the iPhone because I wrote on a rock that is a witness against me about trying to live simply this year. It was during an Elevation service where we were making commitments to God and the rock would help us remember like with Joshua and the Israelites at the very end of the book of Joshua.

Now, I'm not sure if this means I will never get an iPhone, but it does mean that I need to stop being so swayed by every gadget and gizmo that I think is cool because there is a part of me that thinks I actually "need" those things.


Brian Potter said...

ya, it's hard not to want everything new and cool on the shelf. I myself want a mac book pro. There are alot of cool things that i want, but how I decide is by saying to myself, do i actually "need" it?

Victor Estrada said...

who said anything about breaking that? the way I see it you're stuck without it for another year and a half... you can thank verizon for helping you live out your promise to live simply.