Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sports Clips


So I'm going to this place called Sports Clips to get my hair cut today at 5pm. I will give an update after, but it's basically a place that you can watch sports on TV while getting your hair cut. I couldn't get any pictures of their website because they are all on a slideshow, but you gotta check it out. The whole place has sports memoribilia, there are games on, you get a nice shampoo and a little massage with a hot towel over your face. Should be good. I'm gonna get their just in time to watch the beginning of the Philly/New Orleans playoff game.


Victor Estrada said...

have fun there. oh and just so you know you can always use apple-shift-4 to drag a picture from your mac. lates. -toast

Eric Wakeling said...

ok, I know how to do pics, but it was a moving show and wouldn't act like a picture. It was video

Eric Wakeling said...
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