Saturday, January 13, 2007

Sports Clips Recap

I was pretty pleased with my Sports Clips experience. I actually had a guy doing my cut for all of you that were calling it the Hooters of haircuts.

I got to watch the beginning of the Saints/Eagles game and enjoyed it. The cut was pretty good, but I was very specific with my instructions. At least they could adjust from any barbershop stuff they might normally do.

Would I go again? Yes. Will I leave my stylist? Probably not.


ashdown said...

sports clips rocks the casbah. did you get the mvp? if not you should - cut, shampoo, hot towel on face + massage and back massage too.

yes i go there every time!!

Eric Wakeling said...

oh yeah, I got the MVP for the $17 price because it was a new place. It was sweet. Except for the fact that Roberto was rubbing my temples and face. A little awkward.