Thursday, January 04, 2007

Leading Worship

You know, it's possible that it would be better for me to play my guitar more often than when I'm on stage leading worship or in rehearsal right beforehand. My timing is all off and I haven't been feeling comfortable on stage which makes me think too much and then I'm not worshiping because I'm worrying. My amp or my effects processor or my Rat pedal did something weird during No One Like You. The volume just got crazy loud all of a sudden coming out of my amp, but I hadn't touched anything. I was trying to turn down the volume on my guitar, but it wouldn't do anything. So that song just sucked because I was trying to figure everything out while singing a song that has a lot of lyrics which are hard to keep straight. Aaaggghhh!!!! At least that was just the second song of a two-song first set in Jr High. The second set was much better. The kids seemed to really be worshiping and everything was OK, but in my mind I just wasn't there. I was trying to force myself into being "worshipful" but there was just an odd disconnect in my head and heart. I joked with somebody afterward that I just need to pray more. That's probably more true than I would want it to be.

So my new prescription for better worship leading is pretty revolutionary - prayer and practice.

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