Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Apple Rocks!!

I want this so bad.


I just watched the whole presentation by Steve Jobs and I'm coveting. I just bought a Treo so it's gonna be about 18 months before I can get one, but this is the best phone ever made. My friend Reedo who works for Verizon Wireless is going to hate me because I will bail for Cingular (they are the only carrier) so fast they won't know what hit them.


Anonymous said...

heeheehee - I watched the presentation too - I want one too! Good thing I stuck with cingular : )

Brian Potter said...

Hey eric, yes the phone is way cool, but i am a former cingular customer because they are the network with the MOST dropped calls, you can't hang around any sound equipment cause of the frequency that they use, and because of that frequency you will hear a buzzing noise from your phone while talking to someone.... so in other words, stick with verizon.