Friday, January 19, 2007


I have been given a wonderful gift. Bea didn't have to be at work until a little later today so she took Grace to school just a few minutes ago and I get to actually stay home and relax in the morning on my day off. I'm by myself in my house in my pajamas at 7:40am. You have no idea how rare and wonderful this is.

I might watch a movie (either the rest of Ghandi or A Scanner Darkly) or I might read a little or I might just sleep. Hmmmm....I love my choices.

What's a simple form of relaxation for you?

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Victor Estrada said...

why don't you go study instead of "chilaxing" like yesterday when you decided to "study" instead of meeting with me.

I love you man, I'm glad you get that this morning... I totally identify with the whole few and far between thing.