Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Camps and Tonight

We just watched the movie Invincible and I loved it. I love football movies and true stories are always cool. This was a nice bit of entertainment for the evening. Then we played a little MarioKart on the GameCube I "bought Bea" for Christmas. You like that?

I spent the morning working on talks for a camp I'm speaking at this weekend. It's a smaller camp called Alpine up near Lake Arrowhead. I love doing camps for Junior Highers. They are the best. They are usually totally into it and enjoy getting to know you as the speaker. Just praying that God will use the time. Camps always feel like it takes a lot of time to give to people you might never meet again. I'm glad that Bea and Grace are coming with me.

I've also been thinking a lot about how camps are potential brainwashing. I will probably post on that more after the weekend. I'm not saying that all camps just brainwash kids, but it's a concern I have. Get them tired, lots of hype, mob crowd influence, and then ask for a commitment...that's what I mean. More to come.


ashdown said...

nicely done on the game cube my friend!!

and i think you are on to something with some camps...looking forward to more of your thoughts...

Anonymous said...

Eric - Mark Chapman and his jr. high group will be at Alpine this weekend - I told him and he's excited to hang out. At least you will know him.
I love camp but I do think there is something a little too formula about it.
I'll be praying for you