Sunday, January 28, 2007

Post-Preach Exhaustion

I spoke this morning in our Elevation service and I'm feeling the afternoon exhaustion of preaching. I only have to do one service and I go home super tired. Somebody told me once that 15 minutes of public speaking equals an 8 hour day worth of energy. I only spoke for 35 minutes so that's about 17 or 18 hours, plus the other 4 hours I worked today. So that's about 21-22 hours. No wonder I'm tired. Imagine doing three or four services like some churches.

I taught on serving God for His glory and not our own - from Matthew 20:20-28. I mentioned the weird parts of preaching where you sometimes feel like you are doing it for the accolades and positive comments from people. So it was funny to see how people responded to me afterwards. Some joked and said, "Eric - you were awesome. It's all about you." One Jr High girl said "Good job this morning" and then she said, "Oh wait, I mean, God spoke through you today." It was cute to see her catch herself. I also got an email from someone that said, "Glory job," instead of "good job." That was creative.

Any thoughts on either topic from people in ministry or other fields where this applies???

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