Friday, March 23, 2007

Surfing and Sabbath

Right now I'm in the middle of my morning of sabbath and I thought I would type a quick post. I just got back from going surfing down at 41st St in Newport Beach. I had an awesome time today. Last week I seriously sucked. I haven't got a new board yet, but today I surfed a ton better. I was dropping in with no problems and was able to get some good snaps off the top on a couple waves. I was so thankful to God for allowing me to have some fun out there. I was singing this old school worship song that goes "O Lord our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth. O Lord we magnify your name. O Lord we glorify your name. Prince of Peace, Mighty God, O Lord God Almighty." I forget what Psalm that is but it is a Psalm and I love it. Pure worship. I was praying for direction and guidance for our church and for my life. Really good stuff.

I was listening to Mike Erre's Preach It series that he gave me. It's 10 hours of talking about preaching and teaching God's Word. Awesome stuff. I'm really growing from it and feeling challenged to 1)do something like it with people at Calvary 2)continue to hone my teaching with some of the principles from it.

Now I'm going to relax and shower for another hour and a half and then go pick up Gracie.



Victor Estrada said...

I'm calling a name drop foul on you.

Eric Wakeling said...

Whatever. It's all true and I'm not just listening to it because I wanted to buy it. I'm listening to it because he gave it to me.