Monday, March 26, 2007

Roast Lamb for Easter

So we are celebrating Easter with Bea's family on Saturday night before Easter Sunday. They said we are having Roast Lamb and I think that's traditionally what they and many others eat on Easter. I have some questions about that.
1. Is it symbolic?
2. Is it because Jesus is the Lamb of God and He died?
3. Is it a twisted form of communion eating the body of Christ while He is dead?
4. Will He resurrect from my bowel movement the next day?

This is all too weird. It's just wrong. I think I will just have a burger or at least just some matzah ball soup.


Victor Estrada said...

resurrection poop?

Anonymous said...

Lamb is awesome! I had it once smothered with mint pesto and covered in panko bread crumbs. But that was on the BBQ, not "roasted". Don't be a wuss. - melbro

Anonymous said...

The resurrection poop thing is a little off...

As far lamb, you are a complete wuss. Try it and enjoy it you bastard. Also, its what my family eats on easter.

What you need to do is make a list of the foods you don't like (lamb, tomatoes, onions, etc.) and work slowly to get over your distaste. Baby steps...and soon you'll begin to like those foods...and then you and I can be friends again.--JTK

Eric Wakeling said...

Jason - do you want to fight?