Monday, March 19, 2007

First Day of ASF

Today will be my first day volunteering at the Orange County AIDS Services Foundation. I will be there from 2-5pm today helping out in the office with whatever they need. It should be interesting.

We talked at our Lighthouse (small group) last night about the awkwardness of "witnessing" or "evangelism." I'm not going to talk here about the stuff we all know - letting our life be the example, love people without agendas, etc. One thing that was cool that we talked about was something Jesus said to two of John the Baptist's disciples. He said, "What do you seek?" or "What are you looking for?" or "What do you want?"

Do we ever just ask people, "What do you want?" or "What is it that you are looking for from life?" I love that question and it seems like such an easy thing to ask people that you are just getting to know to take a relationship from trivial and light to a deeper conversation. I don't want to be reading the 4 Spiritual Laws to people but I also don't want to have meaningless conversations with people that are disguised as loving them without an agenda.

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