Monday, March 26, 2007

Fatburger and Becky

My friend Becky is sad that I didn't post about a game night we had on Friday with my friends from Cal State Fullerton - Scott, Becky, Shannon and her husband Steve and kids, and my family. We had a great time eating pizza, watching the USC/UNC game, and playing some Cranium.

Becky was upset that I posted about burgers and not this game night. However, I was thinking of them when I posted Fatburger as the #1 burger because they introduced me to the delicious King Burger with bacon, cheese, and a fried egg on top.

Also, about burgers. I do love the A's Burger joint. It tastes a lot like In-n-Out. They also have really good breakfast burritos. All my previous in-n-out comments were just to make people mad. It really would be my number one.

Are you happy Becky?


Bec said...

I am happy now! Thanks! :)
I just feel that Game Night is worth writing about!
I agree with your Fatburger comments... that is one good burger. I wonder what else would taste good with a fried egg!

Jason said...

Try a fried or poached egg on a salad with a lemon-based vinegrette. The popped yolk mixed with the dressing is a wonderful treat.