Friday, March 16, 2007


We have been discussing sabbath in our VantagePoint3 group and my desire is to have my Friday mornings be a true point of sabbath for me. I have struggled with filling my Friday mornings with tasks like last-minute sermon prep, running errands, or watching tv. So today I was thinking of maybe going surfing alone during my sabbath or doing something else restful, but then I started thinking I needed to get my oil changed and get my car washed so I could sell it and my blushing bride asked me to go to the grocery store. Keeping a sabbath is a battle (and a fitting place for a war metaphor) that is tough to fight in our culture, but it's more than just culture, it's me. I like doing stuff. I need to stop for a bit.

P.S. I got 14 of 16 games right on the first day of the tourney.
P.P.S. It felt so good after telling my professor I was withdrawing from the Phd program. I'm so happy. I feel lighter. Maybe I should do a weigh-in.


ashdown said...

you must fight for the sabbath!!! those other things can wait!! do it!!!

Eric Wakeling said...

i went surfing. it was nice. i sucked but it was about more than that.

ashdown said...

glad to hear you went surfing. so great man. i pray you find continued peace and wholeness through the sabbath.