Thursday, March 01, 2007


Let's just say that my brain is already in Maui. We leave Saturday morning and I can't wait. I still have to read about 200 pages on ecclesiology today and type a position paper on the key issues related to the church. I basically have to accomplish that between 12:45 and 3:00pm today. I'm finding school to be rewarding on one level and horribly boring on another level. I dread having to go each week. It's a complete discipline to not drop out.

We also have a lot going on to get ready for our trip and have our parents ready to watch Gracie. I can't complain about that, but it is just another thing to do before the end of the day tomorrow.

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Victor Estrada said...

complain, complain, complain, thats all I hear from you. sheesh

Kim and I will go in your place if it's to hard for you get all your stuff done.