Thursday, March 29, 2007

Fantasy Baseball Teams

Here's my Yahoo Fantasy Baseball team with students in the High School Group. There are only 8 teams and it was a 21 round draft.

C Joe Mauer
1B David Ortiz
2B Julio Lugo
P3B Garrett Atkins
SS Miguel Tejada
OF Alfonso Soriano
OF Bobby Abreu
OF Adam Dunn
Util Barry Bonds
BN Richie Sexson
SP Jake Peavy
SP Ben Sheets
RP J.J. Putz
RP Bobby Jenks
P Eric Gagne
P Justin Verlander
P Jason Schmidt
BN Scot Shields
BN Jason Isringhausen
BN Joel Zumaya
BN Chien-Ming Wang

Now here is my Sporting News team from the main league with friends. It has 12 teams and it was a 26 round draft so there were a lot more players to choose.

P Millwood, Kevin (TEX)
P Zumaya, Joel (DET)
P Rivera, Mariano (NYA)
P Gagne, Eric (TEX)
P Moseley, Dustin (LAA)
P Escobar, Kelvim (LAA)
P Jones, Todd (DET)
P Harang, Aaron (CIN)
P Billingsley, Chad (LA)
C Hernandez, Ramon (BAL)
1B Sexson, Richie (SEA)
2B Utley, Chase (PHI)
3B Ramirez, Aramis (CHN)
SS Jeter, Derek (NYA)
OF Kearns, Austin (WAS)
OF Markakis, Nick (BAL)
OF Cameron, Mike (SD)
OF Figgins, Chone (LAA)
OF Matsui, Hideki (NYA)
Util Jackson, Conor (ARI)
Util Blalock, Hank (TEX)
Bn Weaver, Jered (LAA)
Bn Coffey, Todd (CIN)
Bn Lofton, Kenny (TEX)
Bn Edmonds, Jim (STL)
Bn Lowell, Mike (BOS)

So you can see that the top team would dominate the bottom one, but the one I really care about is the bottom one. Opening Day is this Sunday. Any thoughts from other baseball freaks?

P.S. I'm feeling mostly better. A little weak, but I'm going to work today. I'm leading worship tonight for College group. Hopefully I will feel strong still at 7:30pm.


Anonymous said...

Are you kidding me with Billingsly?
And I'm willing to bet Gagne is done. There's my 2cents. I can't wait till Monday.

Anonymous said...

That was my 2 cents by the way - I forgot to leave my name.

Eric Wakeling said...

I love that Jolinda only commented on Dodger player and a former Dodger. Expand your horizons! Billingsley will be hot in a couple months. I guarantee it. You have to realize how deep this league is. There's a ton of players.

Anonymous said...

I don't even have words for how much you underestimate my baseball knowledge - and you know I'm a dodger fan.
whatever. : )
A few months - more like a few seasons.