Friday, March 02, 2007

Off to Maui

We leave tomorrow morning for Maui and the place we are staying is a surprise to Bea, but I will tell the blogosphere. If you were to see my wife for any reason today, don't tell her that we are staying at the Grand Wailea Hotel.


This is the view from the center of the hotel down the fountains toward the ocean.
It has waterslides and a lazy river. Check them out in the next two pics.
This looks like an awesome place to chill in the evening.
I think the sunsets will be pretty amazing.

Yeah, I guess you could say that I'm pretty excited. We fly out tomorrow morning. All we have left to do is pack. I can already feel the tension coming out of my shoulders.
You probably won't hear from me until next Saturday. As they say, "Aloha!"


Kim Tostada said...

That is sooo cool Eric!!!! Props to you. I hope you guys have a wonderful time.

-Mrs. Tostada-

Ryan Lee Sharp said...

You guys look so happy on that lazy river. ;)