Thursday, March 22, 2007

10 Briefs

1. My first day at OC AIDS Services Foundation was good. I talked for a while with the head of volunteers and helped dispell some of his presuppositions about pastors. I helped make an email list for the AIDS Walk on May 12.
2. Matt Doan, High School Pastor at Calvary Church, started a blog. It's called OrangeCountyPastor which shows Matt's love for combining three words together (The High School group is called EveryDayLife) and his nerdiness. It's a cool blog other than the lame quotes on top and the RSS feeds on the bottom.
3. I am valuing the concepts of Sabbath and sabbatical more and more. Especially after conversations with staff members struggling with burnout. We need to "feed our forgotten souls" as Paul Borthwick says.
4. I'm going to see the movie "300" tonight. I'm a combination of excited and apprehensive. I've heard it's gnarly.
5. I'm going to buy a new surfboard. Mine is about 10 years old. When I realized that I wanted to turn myself into a dorky high school freshman and make fun of myself.
6. We have a Kenya meeting this Saturday. I'm looking forward to this trip but it's a bit all consuming.
7. Trader Joe's banana bread is excellent for breakfast - especially with Kona coffee.
8. Be careful what you say in staff meetings. It can backfire on you.
9. I recently got Logos Bible Software and I suck at it so I wanted to go to a training seminar and I saw this. WOW!! I need to go to this. It's for ministry.


Daniel said...

Morris Proctor's 2-day Camp Logos seminar is great. Morris is the best technology trainer I've encountered.

You might also check into his video reference guide and the 70+ free streaming video tutorials we have posted at

Daniel Foster
Logos Bible Software

Eric Wakeling said...

wow, this is kind of creepy but interesting. They stalked my blog and gave me information. I do want to go to the Camp Logos but the only Southern California event is when I am in Kenya this summer. I mean, seriously, the only SoCal event (the land of a million churches) is when almost all pastors are on vacation??? I won't be on vacation, but I will be gone.