Sunday, March 25, 2007

Church Today

Today was an awesome and kinda different church service at Elevation at Calvary Church. The band was acoustic with just two acoustic guitars, bass, and a cajon (box). It sounded good. There was one song and then we did baby dedications. We do baby dedications differently than we used to. Three couples came on stage with their babies and then P-Diddy (that's what we all call Pastor Dave) introduced them and prayed for them collectively while the congregation stood and reached out their hands towards the babies joining in the prayer. Then the three families come down off the stage and are surrounded by pastors and elders who pray for them while the congregation sings another song. Then we sang one more song and entered into our Family Business section (announcement type stuff). We showed a "trailer" of the digital short film we are creating for Easter, we introduced our new Women's Ministry Co-Directors, and then P-Diddy shared about his mom's death last Thursday and we prayed for him. Then Brent spoke on Luke 10-38-42 which is the Mary/Martha story. Brent did a great job and really pointed out that the ministry that Martha was doing wasn't bad, but how even good things can distract us from sitting with Jesus. Then, instead of singing more and having the stations, we spent 20 minutes in silence "sitting with Jesus." Then people just left as they were ready. It was pretty cool.

Then we had lunch with Kevin and Michelle at Cafe Lucca in Old Towne Orange. I miss that part of town pretty bad.


Victor Estrada said...

I just wanted to feel spiritual and not comment on hamburgers anymore.

Herbert and Spork said...

Us too