Sunday, March 25, 2007

Rating Recently Seen Movies

300 - 8 out of 10. Freaking awesome!! There were some naughty bits so be aware of that, but the main character makes me want to be a braver man. Visually stimulating. I wanted to fight Matt Davis and Jason Krusiewicz when we left the theater.
Flags of Our Fathers - 8. I really liked this well-made film that details the battle, but even more went into the story of the guys who raised the flag (or didn't).
Dune - 1 out of 10. I loved these books, but this movie straight up sucked. Don't waste your life by seeing this film.
The Departed - 8. This was a well-made film and was pretty entertaining although disturbing. Marky Mark was the best actor in the movie.
Marie Antoinette - 5. I rated this pretty low but it was interesting. It was kind of plot-bare, but visually intriguing.
The Holiday - 7. This was great for a romantic comedy. All the actors were great in it - Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, and Jack Black. Jack Black is great when he isn't his normal annoying self. Kate Winslet was the best part of the movie and so were Jude Law's two daughters.
Babel - 3. I hated this movie. I know that it was well-made and different, but watching it is one of the most miserable experiences of depression a person can go through.
Stranger than Fiction - 7. Fun movie. Maggie Gyllenhall is superb with her cute revolutionary baker character.
Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses - 6. Grace loved this movie and it wasn't as torturous as the title makes it sound. Would I buy it? No.



Anonymous said...

Your take on Jack Black grieves me.
He is a comedic genius and I will go "300" on anyone who disagrees.

ashdown said...

300 - agreed. visually stunning as well.
only other one i have seen was departed - i would say maybe 6 or 7 for me - the plot was hard for me to follow - it seemed very choppy at times and it moved a little fast for me. but overall a good flic.

as far as my new title - still tryin to figure out what it means! ha! essentially it is like being the pastor over the service - but not given that title b/c of pres rules and such...

Eric Wakeling said...

Anonymous Person - My take on Jack Black is nothing but accurate. How can you possibly just do the same joke over and over again for 2 hours and expect me to keep laughing? He's a decent actor and should keep at it. When he hosted some awards show recently I was constantly cringing. Nacho Libre could have been five minutes long and been the perfect length. Jack Black sucks.

Lisa Anderson said...

What's up, Eric Wakeling? I was reading Matt Doan's blogs and saw your name and thought I'd say hey. How the heck are you?

Anonymous said...

The Holiday should be 1 out of 10 - it was LAME!

Eric Wakeling said...

Hey Lisa, good to hear from you!!