Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Project Hangout

I was recently asked by Dale Hedges to be on the board of Project Hangout. It's a pretty awesome ministry that Dale and Ryan Zeulner are leading. They originated with wanting to create a venue where teenagers can have a good time in a safe environment where they also have a chance to get connected with a lifestyle mentor.

They are focusing now on the Lifestyle Mentoring. Ryan is going around and talking to churches to recruit mentors. Then the mentors get a kid from their church that they have a shared interest with - surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, art, guitar, shopping, scrapbooking, music, sports, etc. Then they get that kid to ask their non-Christian friends to go hang-out and do whatever fun activity it is they enjoy. Then they begin a relationship, love the kid, and can talk about Jesus.

So I'm on the board of this ministry now and it's pretty awesome. Please consider giving to this ministry at Project Hangout.

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jibby said...

I saw Casey Moncton in TJ's today - he said to tell you HI! Like I ever talk to you. :)