Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Strategic Leadership Team

We will have our first meeting with the Strategic Leadership Team of Calvary Church today. It's a group of 10 of us that will help to provide vision and strategy for achieving that vision. Our agenda for today looks like this:
1. Season of Prayer - just some good old fashioned prayer in an open way.
2. Senior Pastor sharing his vision for the group
3. Then we will have each person share their hopes for the group. What would this group ideally accomplish and how would it function?
4. Operating Principles - this is sort of like a covenant to each other of how we will act and respond. This could include many things, but things like We will be open, honest, and direct with gentleness and respect. Also, things like "silence is agreement." This isn't a group for people to just listen and not participate.
5. Vision, Logo, Branding - we want to take our Connect, Grow, Reach vision to the next level. This will begin that and we will probably schedule a half day brainstorm to work on it.

I'm looking forward to it very much.

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Matt Doan said...

Why the team is at it,
can you guys please solve the mystery of where my Starbucks
travel mug walked off to?

Last seen near C-200 looking very suspicious.