Thursday, January 24, 2008

Verbal Acceptance on House

Well, we finally "almost" have a house. We were given a verbal acceptance last night on the home and expect to receive an official one today. The house is in Tustin on cul-de-sac that backs up to a school's field.

Here are some pics. The kitchen has great potential but definitely needs a bit of a remodel which we hope to do.

I thought today about how this means a couple things other than getting a new home. It also means we will get Moses back soon and means we don't have to have upstairs neighbors waking us up. I will never have upstairs neighbors again as long as I live.


drcarr said...

thats awesome! sounds like a great setup.

erin said...

i am very excited about this. congrats. what an awesome location! said...

Congrats! The house sounds like a great fit! Wanted to let you know I responded to your question on my blog re: Romney. Thanks for the insightful question!

Shane and Katie said...

Eric I am glad you will get a house your family wants.... That is awesome

Katie and I are looking into possibly buying a home. But it is still up in the air...

Congrats Bro!


Randy Harris said...

I know this house, this was our neighborhood, tam and I used to go on walks by it all the time.
circa 1991: two adults walking by, a little blond girl right next to mom, an older girl kind all over the place and two year boy on a motorcycle tricycle zooming by at about the speed of light.
It a good place to raise kids.
they come out good.