Saturday, January 05, 2008

Joel McHale at the Improv

So we went to see Joel McHale from The Soup tonight. I'm not a huge live stand-up fan. I like comedy, but most stand-up comics are vulgar and not very intelligent. The supporting cast for Joel McHale did not change my mind. A lot of lame comedy that was based on lowest common denominator jokes. But I did like Joel. He seemed liked the kind of guy I would want to hang out with. He is funny and sarcastic about pop culture. The first thing he said was, "Why did this week have to be the one where we don't have a show? Jamie Lynn Spears gets pregnant. Lindsay Lohan is caught drinking champagne out of the bottle. And Britney Spears is smiling at the cameras from a gurney. Why this week? We do 75 shows a year and take two weeks off and this happens this week?" It was funny for anyone who knows how much his show would love that kind of stuff. Mocking self-destructive celebrities is kind of his schtick.
There was this one poor lady who was pretty self-destructive sitting in the front row. She was completely wasted and was wearing all sorts of sheep skin stuff and was practically laying on her back in her seat with her legs on the stage. Every comic completely mocked her. Her date was getting pissed and wanted to fight. She rushed Joel McHale on the stage after the show and security had to take her away. People are strange. I still like Joel McHale and I love The Soup.
This picture was taken with my Treo.

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