Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sanctity of Life Sunday

That is coming up in a couple days and our church is planning to have a focus that I'm very excited about. Some of the folks in our church, including Erin and Karen, wanted to start a ministry caring for children who don't have families. This includes orphans oversees and here in America as well as foster kids. It's called Open Arms. So our focus for Sanctity of Life is Pro-Life for a Lifetime. I love that slogan. It's not just about being against abortion. It's about caring for all life.

I feel like this really goes along so well with my thoughts on Pro-Life. I want to be Pro-Life for a Lifetime and Pro-Life for All Life. That's why I'm against the death penalty and most forms of war. That's why abortion is still a huge issue to me in politics. That's why I think being pro-life should mean that we strive towards helping those with diseases like AIDS and those in extreme poverty.

My views make it really hard for me politically because there is no political viewpoint like mine. Both Republicans and Democrats don't fall in line with this thinking. I believe we need change in the presidential office, but I don't necessarily buy into the change that Obama and Clinton are offering. I feel like the Republicans running aren't offering any real change. It feels status quo. Hmmmm....

What are your thoughts on this issue of Pro-Life?


Jason said...

The trouble for Christians with having 2 political options, Republican and Democrat, is that neither camp can fully articulate a 'christian' world view. Although, sometimes these political parties co-op our faith as their own.
There must be a Third Way. Its the Way of the Samaritan, that gets beyond racism and the huge barriers of classism. Its the Way that says that I support the life of unborn kids and that we should be a people that take care of the poor. Its the Way of embrassing tax collectors and AIDS victims but also standing up and turning over tables, if have to.
The Third Way is way larger than Democrat or Republican. God's kingdom seems to be about righting the world, not through moral superiority but through the love that Jesus taught us.
With the election coming up, this whole political conversation is really confusing me right now. Neither party represents the gospel in its entirety. Also, it seems that each party is trying to co-op truth that comes from God.
I'm interested in a Third Way.

be_a_Mary said...

honestly, i get afraid to post about these sorts of issues on blogs or e-mail. just cause you can misread or mishear.

i do identify with what jason wrote. it (our system) is not perfect, and i wrestle with wanting to accept it (our democratic system) how it is and find good in it and join in it v. resist it and find all the gaping holes in it and let cynisicm take over. this year i've made a commitment to do a minimum of 12 hours of personal research before i cast my vote. (the same amount of time i usually spend making my march madness picks!)

it does mean a ton to me personally that calvary has embraced the orphan care ministry with such enthusiasm. so thanks!