Wednesday, January 23, 2008


I just got back from seeing the U2 movie in 3D. WOW!!!!!! It was unbelievably good. You were able to see the show from such interesting perspectives. From the front row, from the drummer's perspective, from above the drummer, flying in on the cable cameras, and more. It was perfect looking and the 3D stuff was actually really cool and it was easy to lose yourself in it.

One time Bono is inches from you and it feels like he is looking right into your face. So cool. The sound had great clarity but it could have been a bit louder.

But just seeing U2 on the huge Imax screen in 3D was so awesome.

Even if you aren't a huge U2 fan like I am, I highly recommend seeing the film. It's visually stunning and you will learn why so many people love this band. You almost feel the same emotion as you would at a live show. So you can sit down in a comfy seat and pay only $15 and get a 75% U2 experience. Enjoy!

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