Friday, January 04, 2008

Kenya Makes Me Sad

I have been grieved by hearing of the atrocities taking place in Kenya. We were told in August that we shouldn't come back in December or January because it would be crazy during the election season, but I would never have thought that this kind of violence could take place in that beautiful country. I have never experienced the love and welcoming spirit from people that I felt in Kenya - from random people in villages and slums to pastors to children to aid workers to missionaries from several countries. So to hear that people would burn a church down with people still inside makes me want to vomit with frustration, sadness, and anger.
You can read about the violence stemming from the elections here

This was an email I received from Christ's Hope - the organization we worked with in Kenya.
Dear Kenya Teams,
Many of you have heard the news of Kenya and the turmoil there. We have gotten updates from Edward in Nairobi and some sources in Kisumu. The Dutch volunteers were sent away due to Martin's forsight. The bottom line is that there is great violence going on in the streets and people remain in their homes unable to access food. Fifty people were burned alive inside a church Jan. 2nd.

Our national director Martin Chamah and his wife Edith are safe so far with the sixteen children that they care for. One source today tells us that they have run out of food. An organized protest is scheduled for Jan. third and things could deteriorate from there.

PLEASE PRAY for Martin and Edith and the children, for the Care and Compassion patients who are not being cared for, for Edward and the ministry in Nairobi. Let us pray for the Lord's mighty protection and miraculous provision for them.

Lord, show Your people Your mighty arm that protects and provides against the odds. May our brothers and sisters there know Your incredible peace that surpasses all comprehension. Surround them with the mighty ones who do your bidding. May the enemy see your sentries and turn away. Speak to the hearts of the C and C patients, may they know the sweetness of Your felt presence. We pray that an outpouring of your Holy Spirit's restraining power will calm the people of Kenya. Thank you Lord that you reign and you are in control, and You will use this situation for Your glory and Your purposes. Burden us with the need to pray for our family in Kenya.

In Jesus' Powerful name,
Becky Kase
Prayer Coordinator
Christ's Hope USA

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