Saturday, May 05, 2007

Hume Lake Youth Pastors Trip

Last week I spent Monday through Thursday up at Hume Lake with a bunch of our team. This was for the best youth ministry conference ever. They have great speakers, great worship, it costs about $140 for everything (conference, room, food), the food is good, and there are only about 150 people coming that get to play on all the fun things that normally are made for 1,500 students.

I was supposed to be speaking this Sunday in Elevation. We were going to have a guest speaker from Iraq and I was just going to speak for about 10 minutes before him and 5 minutes after to keep us in the Crossing series, but he couldn't get his visa approved. So I was supposed to speak the whole time and have to prepare from Hume Lake. On Tuesday morning I sat down with my laptop to work and saw the view below and really thought about everything going on at the conference and I just couldn't bring myself to do it. So I threw in the towel and emailed P-Diddy (Pastor Dave) and asked if he could just do both services. He was totally willing and I could enjoy the rest of the trip.
Hume Lake Docks
We went on a crazy Suzuki Samurai off-road tour one afternoon and this is the group after the dust-filled adventure was completed.
suzuki group
Then on the way home I had the best experience ever. I have always loved this meadow that is at the very beginning of Hume Lake Road just off Hwy 180. It is majestic and honestly reminds me of God. I have always wanted to frolic in the meadow and this time I had my chance. Peter Pizzuto took pictures of me out there. All the other pics were taken by him as well. Here they are. Bask in the majesty.
Eric Meadow Running Away
Eric Meadow Running Back
Eric Meadow Close

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Randy Harris said...

these meadow pictures remind me of the back cover of Phil Keaggy's first album, (1973) called "What A Day." It costs about $40-60 now and I think it is best thing he ever did. You've gone Hippie-Jesus-Freak! I love it.