Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bea on Film

I had the Macbook with the iSight in bed tonight and I made Bea talk on camera. It's good stuff. You will love it. The lighting is really dark and the sound is low, but that's perfect. You will see how much Bea loves blogging. Plus I haven't been preaching as much lately so I miss making the confessionals.


Brooke said...

bea is SO cute... i was glad that i got to meet her a few weeks ago. she's just adorable.

Anonymous said...

i'm not sure i can be placed under the category of adorable these days. more like: bloated, cranky or swollen. I am irritable most of the time and sarcastically cynical the rest of the time. I am hungry like a whale headed for hibernation yet can only eat like a mouse because my stomach is so mashed up into my esophogus so that i taste stomach-acid more that actual food. I thinkt that God has you hate being pregnant by the end so that you can be nothing but happy to see that precious face on the outside of your body. i can't wait to see her and to take possession of my body again...gosh i'm cute=) (thanks for being so nice brooke)BB