Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I do dumb things

Last night I had to leave to counsel some people from my church at 8:00 and I didn't get home until 9:30. Then I talked to Bea until about 10:00pm. She, being both smart and pregnant, went to sleep. I felt like I had to know what happened with the season finale of 24. So I watched it. Then I thought, "If I don't watch the season finale of Heroes someone is going to tell me what happens." So I watched it. At this point it's just after midnight. Then Grace walks in the living room as I'm turning off the TV and she wants me to come "cuddle her." So I lay in her bed until about 12:35am. Then I sneak out and finally go to bed.

Needless to say, when the alarm starting going off at 5:40 I was very sad. I will continue to be sad through a day of meetings.
I do dumb things.

Do you?

By the way, I was disappointed in both season finales. I heard 24 is going to change the show a lot and they need to. It's getting WAY TOO formulaic. A lot of things happened at the end of Heroes, but I wasn't sure if I cared.


Jason said...

I could not agree more. Both finales were anti-climactic.
I think I'm done with Jack Bauer...especially since they basically asked me not to come back (ie. No cliff hanger, just the cliff). And Heroes...was it all building up to that? I couldn't believe that the inertia they created about saving the world would wrap up so boring. I am intrigued about whether Peter and Nathan are dead, who this guy is who is worse than silar and the Mom Petrelli is clearly a key figure, who I dismissed before. I'm very curious about all the 'parents' who had a plan with or without Linderman. In otherwords, I'll definitely be watching heroes next year.
Also, thank God for tivo and being able to record 2 shows at once.

Jason said...

Also, you're not dumb. Get an Americano and forget it.

ashdown said...

i hope the ducks do dumb things. the red wings are on a roll though, seriously IDIOTS...hope i get to text you before you text me...

Anonymous said...

in grace's words, "bad choice, dad!"
you should learn to be wise like your wife=)