Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hillsong United Last Night

A group of guys went to see Hillsong United last night at the Forum. It was pretty awesome. The band was great. They sounded perfect although I was wishing it was a lot louder. There were 8 people on stage - 2 electric guitars, 2 acoustic guitars, bass, keys, drums, and a singer/hype-man. 3 of the other musicians sing as well. There must have been about 6,000+ people there. Packed!!
They played:
Time Has Come
Take It All
World Will Never Take
Look to You
I love You (unsure of title)
The Stand
Jesus My Reedemer (hymn)
Fire Fall Down
Break Free
None But Jesus
From the Inside Out
A Reprise - Be Lifted High
Savior King
Tell the World
I Don't Care - All Day (unsure of title)

Great songs. I wished they played Salvation is Here, Point of Difference, and Lead Me to the Cross. Oh Well! I got pumped to play a bunch of United songs in Jr High on June 6.

The weird part of the night was when the pastor, Phil Dooley, came out to preach for a while. I felt like I was in the movie "Saved." It was a very hyper-emotional cheer-for-Jesus feel. Then he did a "raise your hand" altar call and counted down 1-2-3 and about 90% of the room raised their hands and prayed out loud. Yeah, I'm sure all of these people at a worship concert were accepting Christ for the first time. I felt like these people would have drank the Jim Jones Kool-Aid if the band or the pastor asked them too. It was a bit sad to me.

The actual music and the worship part was awesome though. I loved it!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome to hear some guys from Calvary Santa Ana went to see Hillsong. Check out some of my photos here -

BTW - I listen to your podcast and I happened to stumble upon you blog.