Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Congrats to Kim and Victor

Victor and Kim had their baby yesterday and we are so happy for them!! They are awesome people and Matthew is an amazing little boy. Rachel will be a great addition to their wonderful growing family. I heard that Victor wants to have something like ten kids. His catholic roots are going to cost them a lot of cash and Kim a lot of pain. Check out the pictures at Vic's blog thewonderfulnoise.com. The only wonderful noise in their house will be crying at 2am for the next few months. Our baby is due July 1 so I'm getting ready for the wonderful noise too.

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Brooke said...

wow... have you seen the photo on my blog of Kim? I took it Sunday- no way did she look like she was about to give birth! oh my... that's awesome!! Thanks for sharing that, Eric- I didn't know.