Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jerry Falwell Dies Today

Oh my gosh!! I feel so evil. A week after I write my post about Jerry Falwell that began as a way to talk trash on Peter, the man dies of a heart attack. I already got two emails that said, "You killed Jerry Falwell." No I didn't. He did not read my blog...I pray. P-Diddy said, "Jerry's in heaven now and now he knows what you said." Aaaggghhhhhh!!!! So weird. I'm sorry Jerry.

Read the press release here


Melissa Brosch said...

Honestly...you killed him.

tam said...

I agree w/ Melissa - he probably died of a broken heart.
Jerry killer!

Chris Goeppner said...

rip jerry......
of the subject, victor told me about yer blog. nice. im a yp too. looking to get the yp blogging community connected.

im chris, nice to meet you!