Sunday, June 17, 2007

Josh Simpson - HERO!

Look at this from the Chicago Tribune.
Teen's heroism told after lake drowning
By Lisa Black and Ruth Fuller, Chicago Tribune
Published June 9, 2007
Bryan Eatmon can't believe how fast it happened: One minute, eight teens were goofing around in Lake Michigan,cooling off on a steamy day. The next, they were gasping for air,dragged underwater by a fierce undercurrent.
The waves at the Waukegan Beach on Thursday battered Eatmon like fists throwing punches, hard and relentless.
His friend Joshua Lamar Simpson, 19, tugged on Eatmon's arm, drawing him closer to shore and giving Eatmon time to regain footing and catch his breath. I was giving up," said Eatmon, 19. "I saw him -- he was right in front of me. He told me I was going to be all right.

Our Josh Simpson is a hero too. He is the best Jr High Pastor I have ever met. You might not hear him speak at a YS Conference or at a huge rally, but he ministers to Jr High students in a way that connects with students in a powerful way. I love you Josh Simpson!! Read his blog here.

Check him out here ladies! He is single!!
Josh Simpson


Caroline said...

Josh is the best I agree!

Josh said...

Thanks for using my "fat/old" picture...haha. Thanks for the encouraging words buddy. You are my hero too.

Melissa Brosch said...

I love Josh Simpson too!!!! He's taught me more about ministry than I ever realized..especially since I don't have him around to take for granted.

jibby said...

I will be praying for you tomorrow
Yeah - baby #2!
Can't wait to meet her.

Bec said...

Single youth pastor? Hook me up! ;)